Autohelm ST 7000 compatibility with Raymarine

Paul Osterberg

On our Amel SM 2000 from 1999 #259 we have an Autohelm ST7000 with two drive units, the roto drive direct behind the steering wheel , and the linear drive on the quadrant.

We would like to have a full dual system. i.e.

a second control unit.                        Is Raytheon Raymarine ST7000+ Autopilot Control Unit compatible?

a second course computer 

a Gyro plus, today we only have the flux gate compass.

I’m looking at eBay and have found some Raymarine gears that might work with the Autohelm ST700.

Is there any of you who know what Raymarine things that correspond to the above? 

Paul on S/Y Kerpa Amel SM#259

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