Amel 54 - Electronic Options

yachtcaduceus <yachtcaduceus@...>

We take delivery of an Amel 54 (Caduceus III) in May 2007 and are in
the process of finalising the build specifications. We would be very
interested to hear from any 54 owners and their experiences and
opinions on the various options.

We intend to sail in European waters until 2009 when we wish to cross
the Atlantic and subsequently pass through the Panama into the Pacific.

One of the main difficulties that we face is in specifying electronics
as it is a field that is moving very quickly, in particular in the
area of PC based instrumentation and entertainment. Opinions
on/experiences of, the following points would be of great assistance.

1. Has anyone specified fixed computer screen / server arrangements
for the nav area. If so what, interfaced to what and running what.
2. In taking the standard Amel electronics package and upgrade
options what upgrades have been taken and with what results.
3. Navtex - Furuno integration or standalone or PC integration?
4. Is there any experience in either upgrading the TV/DVD combination
eg to take into account HD or to use a Windows Media based system with
a TV tuner incorporated - possibly integrated with item 1.
5. Wireless networking - experiences on board?
6. Have any difficulties been found in fitting a UK sourced ICOM 802
SSB transceiver.
7. Has anyone any experience of fitting/using the Probe forward
scanning sonar depth sounder. At the last Southampton Boat Show they
said that they would be launching Furuno said that they would be
launching similar equipment in Dec 05. I briefly saw advertisments
for this but now cannot find any reference and have no idea as to
whether it is aimed at a superyacht/ commercial shippping market or


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