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Martin Queried:
" 7. Has anyone any experience of fitting/using the Probe forward
scanning sonar depth sounder.> Regards,

I had Amel install the Interphase TwinScope on my SM2000 Hull # 335
in 2001. They installed the display for the TwinScope but would only
install the forward scanning transducer (scans from straight forward
to down 90 degrees is a 3 degree beam width). It was Amel's
contention that the dual transducer was too large and would cause
bubbles that would interfere with the B & G sonic speed transducer
system. This was a legitimate concern. I subsequently installed the
side-to-side (individual) transducer behind the transducer that Amel
installed and ran the appropriate wiring. I was nervous about the
bubble issue but the system has worked well and I have seen no
interference with the sonic speed in this configuration (two separate
transducers). You must install the second transducer so that the
curve of the bow allows it not to "see" the forward scanning

I must admit that I seldom use the side-to-side mode as I find it a
bit hard to interpret and there aren't many coral heads in the areas
that I am cruising.

I will post a picture of the installation in the photo's section.

Best regards, Gary "Liahona"

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