Conversion of dishwasher to Refrigerator

Eric Freedman

I was asked by a number of folks to post how i converted the dishwasher (useless for me) to a refrigerator.

Here is how I did it: Photos in photo section.

The reefer holds about 48 cans of soda an after a few hours they are ice cold.

Here are the steps to make one.

First I removed the dishwasher power  line in the AC panel .

Then I removed the Stove, the front mahogany  panels of the dishwasher and the 2 doors under the sink.

 I did not take a photo of the above the third photo is of the unit installed after modification.

There is a Amel knob that holds the dishwasher down and a cord an plug which I removed and disconnected and plugged the water line.

The unit can then be removed. The entire bottom of the unit can then be removed leaving a stainless tub.



The tub of the unit is not level. I covered a piece of plywood with plastic  wrap and put some foam in the bottom to level it with the plywood making it flat. When dry, I removed the plywood. I then lined it with 2 inches of rigid insulation which is covered in 1/16 inch vinyl.  I sealed the seams with 5200 adhesive and mounted the cold plate on standoffs and the thermostat and pre charged tubing for the compressor.


The tub was then complete.  Next I mounted the compressor in the bottom of the area where the washer was located. I drilled a large hole under the stove toward the rear of the stove. This with ducting provides air to the compressor.


The wire that I disconnected from the AC panel was run to a circuit breaker near the rotary autopilot  and connected it to the 24 volt lugs on the inboard side of autopilot area. The other end runs to the plug where the dishwasher was plugged in. The wire is sufficient to power the Reefer. I rewired the receptacle and it was used to provide DC to the compressor (white wire). ). I then wrapped the whole thing in an insulated blanket that is used to wrap water heaters and installed a flat neoprene seal on the underside of the lid.


Put the cabinets an stove back And Bobs your Uncle.

When I get to St Maarten later this winter, I will have a welded Stainless steel liner made for this reefer.


We used it to on our way to Colombia  and it worked flawlessly.

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