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Eric Freedman


Thanks- I will look for it on Kimberlite- I thought each unit was able to turn on the motor without a relay.

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Kent, I have a 54, but I suspect the SM is the same. My A/C pump control box is located on the portside wall in the engine room, opposite the generator. I know because I just removed it to make room for my new inverter.

You should not have 120V unless you are connected to shore power in the US. One of the 240V legs to ground will give you 120V.


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I just checked again Bill.  There is 124 VAC between either blue or brown at the pump and either the AC ground or the bonding system.  There is almost NO resistance between the AC ground and the bonding system.


There is at least a solid connection from AC ground to the bonding system.  Any idea how to figure out where that might be?


Do you know where the relay box is that powers the AC pump when the units are turned on?  That's where I think at least part of the problem lies.


Thanks again


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I think that you just said that there is no voltage between brow and earth with the breakers off


And that there is voltage between the brown and the bonding system green/yellow under the exact same circumstances.


If this is true, I believe that your bonding system is HOT. Check between bonding system and earth (green/yellow from shore)



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I'm in Fernandina Beach, FL, Eric.

There is NO voltage between the brown wire and the green wire in the cable going to the A/C pump with the A/C breakers off.  There IS 124V AC between the brown wire and the bonding system.


I just discovered  that neither the forward A/C nor heater will come on now.  I'm guessing that's where I'll find the problem.  I need to find the 220 AC wiring diagrams for the A/Cs and the boat.


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I meant 110 volts not 10 volts.

Where are you?

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Hi Kent,

If you are plugged into a 50 amp US outlet at the dock i assume you did not hook up the white lug in the plug to anything.


I believe the brown wire should go to the red lug and the blue to the black lug. the yellow green to the green lug.


If I am not mistaken you will still have about 10 volts betwee n the ground and the power lugs in the plug--as the ground and the white neutral are essentially the same.


I think somewhere on your boat there is leakage between the green yellow A/C wire and one of the hot wires.


I am doing this from memory as I am not near the boat.


sm 376 kimberlite.



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