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We had the Icom M802 (SSB/Ham) and AT-140 tuner installed when we
took delivery of SM390 in December 2002. We always felt our
transmit range was a little short but could receive pretty well. We
had the long fiberglass whip that Amel prefers. In mid 2004 I
noticed the antenna ground plates were beginning to disintegrate.
At that time we were making our way through French Polynesia and I
thought the plates would hold out til NZ. They didn't. The last
crumbs disappeared in the harbour at Nuku Alofa, Tonga. The antenna
had not been grounded correctly when installed by Amel's agent in La
Rochelle, and had been acting as the sacrificial anode for the
system. We replaced them at haul-out here in NZ, but could not
source the same Banten (Italian) plates and had to modify some Guest
plates to fit. Make sure whoever installs the system does this bit

Apart from that we were quite pleased with the system. We used the
Pactor III Pro modem and had no trouble with Winlink (Ham/Amateur)
connection, often picking up mail twice a day.

BTW, if Amel is still offering a high output alternator on the
engine for house bank charging, make SURE you have a smart regulator
on it. If you do any long distance motoring (>8hrs) you need to
make sure the charging voltage has dropped to float levels unless
you are certain that the bank is low and needs more. Otherwise,
you'll cook the bank. The Leece Neville on our boat has an
adjustable output, but many of the large cap. alternators don't. I
fiddled with the L-N for about a year, but eventually installed a
Balmar MaxCharge 624 and have been happy with it.

Chuck Luecker
SM390 Revelation

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