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Ah, the joys of yacht decisions!Your friends are correct in their

Corian countertops do scratch and stain. My experience comes from
having a Corian showergrate in a previous boat ... milddew into the
Corian was not to be removed ... even with bleach. My cutting board
(which I love) is scratched and stained. One can lightly sand the
surface to "clean & clear" the Corian but doing so is difficult
because of the layering of the Corian material.

I have a good friend who is a master woodworker (kitchens) in
$1,000,000+ homes and he strongly encouraged me NOT to put Corian in
my 41 Amel due to the poor longterm cosmetic durability of the
material. He also states that a very hot pot placed on the surface
can damage/burn the material. Corian is a type of plastic polymer.

I considered installing Corian into my refitted galley but I trust
his advise and experience so I had custom stainless steel sinks and
counter and back splash made all in one piece (no leaks)! Very
expensive but worth it.

It's a shame that Amel doesn't offer stainless steel options or
marble options (excellent counter materials).

We have always valued advice given by Joel, but in this case I would
have to say people who have owned Corian counters will tell you like
it really is. Pretty when new but difficult to keep new looking.

Enjoy your new Amel! Excellent vessels!
Delores Carter

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