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Craig Briggs

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After your reply John I sent a mail to Amel for a quote to replace the standing rigging in Hyères...... 
............ Many thanks Eamonn  SM #151 Travel Bug
Hi Eamonn, 
You may be interested in my post from last year in reply to Anne and John regarding new rigging.  The SM rigging will, of course, be a bit more than for our SN but I suspect you will pay much less by dealing directly with Amel's supplier ACMO.  It would be very interesting if you were to let us all know how much Amel quotes vs how much ACMO quotes, if you do this.
Here is the old posting:
"Hi Anne and John,
Those were my posts on using ACMO (not ARCO) - stands for ACcastillage MOderne and they are the rigging supplier for Amel.  Their web site is acmo dot fr and the contact info is there.  

We dealt with Sylvie Gazzurelli who is most helpful - her email is sylvie at acmo dot fr. She has all the original Amel specs for all the models.  For our Santorin the cost was 4707 Euros plus 145 Euros for shipping to Monfalcone, Italy - total 4852 Euros.  Because we used a non-EU (American) credit card, ACMO determined they did not have to charge VAT. We did this in 2010 when our rigging was 18 years old and we had an aft lower mizzen stay break at the lower swage, which seemed a clarion call for replacement.

We saved about 1000 Euro by specifying "standard" (right handed) threads on the turnbuckles, rather than Amel's original left-handed threads (can't imagine why they did that). The order included replacing all 19 stays complete with turnbuckles and new clevis pins. Also included was the "special" short turnbuckle screw on the headstay and one mizzen back stay with isolators for our SSB antenna. The triactic is fixed length with no turnbuckles (aka bottle screws).

It took us about a week to do the installation ourselves at our winter slip in Monfalcone - Katherine hoisted me in the bosun's chair and I'd remove the old stays one or two at a time, then fasten the new ones. Tedious but not too difficult and we only worked half days.

Craig Briggs
s/v Sangaris, Santorin #68

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