Ralph Caruso

I have a Yanmar 75 on my Jeanneau 43 (I follow the Amel list in the hope of one day buying one), and I had this same problem when I first bought the boat.  I have a fixed prop, but the problem turned out to be a clogged fuel pickup tube.  The boat had not been used very much when I bought it (100 hrs at 3 years old), and the dealer who sold the boat to me eventually found that the pickup tube was full of plastic shavings.  Likely left behind when the plastic fuel tank had the fitting installed originally.

You have checked all the obvious source of blockage, and if you find that your prop is not too fouled, then I would recommend pulling the fuel pickup tube.  Some boats have a rubber hose and a screen installed on these pickups (for regulatory reasons), and the screens are known to accumulate debris.

Ralph Caruso
s/v Petillant  Jeanneau SO43DS

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