Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Engine Problems Amel 54


Before Jamie commits himself to spending another fortune changing his engine, could we marshall the collective brains and wisdom on this forum to figure out if he is going the right way.
Most SM owners are Yanmar fans - how could you not be - Amel know this, yet they deliberately chose to install Volvo in the 54. Every single 54 owner that I have met has told me the same to salient points. There is less stowage in a 54 than a SM and they really didn't want a Volvo but they had to take it with the boat Amel bring out the 55 and what are the engine choices Styer or Volvo?? When I asked Amel directly about this, they said that there was not a suitable engine in the Yanmar range for the 54 yet I stood on board a 54 in La Rochelle and saw with my own eyes a Volkswagen diesel engine in a 54!
My own view is that Yanmar would be first choice every time, but in Jamie's case especially after the nightmare Kent has gone through, will the engine align,is it too high, will the gearbox work even with an adaptor plate on the bell housing, there is also a unique Amel damper plate on the Yanmar flywheel, is the shaft the same length and will the brake be in the same place?
I believe that Jamie understands all that is involved with rewiring etc. but how will this effect the long term value of the boat, especially as he will be at the bottom of a very deep financial hole at the end of this.
This must be one of the most discussed topics ever on the forum and I feel we all owe it to him to chip in our two cents worth.


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