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Wow that’s great.

How much disk space did your messages take? Can it be sorted and searched?

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I would agree with a lot of that but receiving a simple text message can also be easier if you are in a low bandwidth situation.


I download and tried the yahoo forum offline tool - - The trial version fairly quickly downloaded 4000 or so messages - I will try and leave it running and download the rest in the next day or so - the file and photos download didn't seem to work though. If that can be made to work then it would seem an ideal offline tool to have a local copy of the forum messages and would be very useful when away from Internet access. I note also that the creator offers a bulk discount - I wonder if they would give forum members a discounted price.


Also it looks like it exports all the messages and attachments in SQLLite format so it should be technically possible to transform this into a format that could be migrated to another forum.



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If I were king of the Amel Forum, I would move away from Yahoo altogether and subscribe to a more contemporary platform--then migrate all the Amel forum archives over to the new platform.  I would look for one that allowed, for example, the ability to post a photo or video--or link to a photo or video --within a message. ("Here's a photo of the bow thruster breaker, Kent, located in the forward port cabin locker..." "Here's a photo of my corroded anchor chain. Do I need a new chain? Or is there a way to clean this up?..." "Here's a link to a YouTube that shows how to dismantle and serviceq the motor for the Furler

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I note it says  "download the fully featured trial version", which implies that someone would need to pay for the full version.
I personally think that the glory days of free internet are coming to an end, and seriously, why not, if it was me I wouldn't be providing all this stuff for nothing.
So, we need to find a way to archive all the stuff that is on this group to...a dropbox....or ???
I'm happy to put in the hard yards to do it, if others are...but we need a secure place to put it all
What does everyone else think ???
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