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Thanks, Joel.

That makes perfect sense to me...but, of course I am not an EE...just a lowly IE.

Jamie, how does that sound to you...pretty smart, isn't it.

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I asked Jacques Carteau, Amel’s retired technical manager and one time Chairman, how he could possibly allow there to be no circuit protection on the bow thruster way back when they became standard fitment. I was quite pointed in my objection which annoyed him greatly. He sat me down in his office and said something like, First, we tell all new Amel buyers, with great emphasis, that the bow thruster can take fire if abused. This prevents a multitude of bad habits with the thruster. Second, the only probable time the thruster would be overused by a thoughtful and prudent yachtsperson would be in time of an emergency situation which was jeopardizing the boat and those aboard such as what might happen with the failure of the main propulsion at an inopportune moment such as while docking in wind and current. He reckoned that burning up the thruster and even the possibility of setting it on fire would be a fair price to pay to prevent severe damage to the boat and possible injuries to those aboard. Then he asked me if I knew who my parents are and if I ever put both feet in the same shoe and…

He was/is a pretty cool guy.

All The Best and have fun with your Amel, Joel

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I do not believe there is a breaker for the bow thruster, There might be a Gigondo fuse somewhere but I doubt it.

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Where is the breaker for the bow thruster, if there is one?

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