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Hi Bill I had that problem in Colon at the shelter bay marina. I decided to replace the bearings as preventive maintenance prior to the big pacific crossing. After I had spent ages trying I asked the boat yard to use a gas torch to heat the unit to loosen the shaft. Instead they sent a big man with a big puller and a big hammer. Result shattered gearbox casing and the shaft still stuck. Then they brought the gas torch and five minutes later the shaft was out. Lesson beware big man with heavy tools. Heating with a gas torch quickly releases the shaft.  As to the future greasing of the shaft...essential to prevent future problems, draw it periodically and grease it. I have found lanacote lasts best.
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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] main out haul furling gearbox shaft

Hi everyone -

I have a new project on hands and I have seen the posts regarding the outhaul overhaul. All these post have been extremely helpful. Just wondering if anyone else can chime in on the methods they have used to pull the shaft from the transmission before I purchase a bearing puller or other device to help. I have a pretty good spread of tools/equipment on board including a few thing that might help. 

Thus far I have removed the furling motor which was tested and proved to not be the problem. Transmission (current) needs an overhaul and I have two spares to put on in the meantime however, getting the shaft to free has been an issue. I have used PB blaster overnight and I am currently thinking up a devise that I can set up to "press" the shaft through. 

Creative ideas are welcome. 

Bill Maffei
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