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Mark Pitt

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As you have already discovered, the up-down switches on the
Tigress windlass is an Amel installed feature. You access the
switches by removing the screws that hold the aft windlass
housing to the main body of the windlass. Turn off the power
first!. Amel Supplied me with a new set of switches and new
rubber covers. You can order just the rubber covers from Amel
as well. I ordered several sets of covers as they go away after
about 2 years in the tropics.
My switches were ok even though the rubber cover
had been torn for several months. The switch/cover assembly
is held in place by a nut on the inside of the windlass cover and
the rubber cover is best held in place with some RTV sealant
since tightening the nut tends to extrude the rubber cover
from the metal ring.

Regards, Gary Silver SM2000 Liahona Hull # 335

One of the rubber boots covering one of the
up-down switches built into the Tigress windlass
is torn. I am not sure how to get access to
this switch and where to find a replacement for the boot.
The US distributor, Imtra, says that do not put
up-down switches on these windlasses and did not
have a replacement boot.

Also, does the round metal thing that holds the rubber boot
unscrew from outside the windass, or do I have to
open up the windlass motor housing?

Mark Pitt "Sabbatical III" Amel Super Maramu #419
Thanks. You have been a great help again. -- Mark

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