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eric freedman


I use a long grade 10 (black steel) allen head cap screw . I install it in the bolt hole in the bottom of the shaft of the furler.

I then use a small sledge hammer-about 2 kilos and drive the shaft out.

It comes out easily now since I use anti seize compound on it twice a year.


The first time this did not work. I had to remove the boom, place it upside down on the deck . I supported it on weed dunnage and used the same bolt with a BIG sledge hammer. That removed the bolt.

If you look at Kimberlite photos you will see how it was done.


I also added grease ports to the gear boxes and genoa furler. I tapped them with a 5mm metric tap and used nylon bolts to fill the tapped holes. To grease it I use the autoprop grease fitting . One hole is tapped low on one side and high on the other side of the gearbox. I put grease in the lower fitting and grease it till the grease comes out clean.

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Hi everyone -


I have a new project on hands and I have seen the posts regarding the outhaul overhaul. All these post have been extremely helpful. Just wondering if anyone else can chime in on the methods they have used to pull the shaft from the transmission before I purchase a bearing puller or other device to help. I have a pretty good spread of tools/equipment on board including a few thing that might help. 


Thus far I have removed the furling motor which was tested and proved to not be the problem. Transmission (current) needs an overhaul and I have two spares to put on in the meantime however, getting the shaft to free has been an issue. I have used PB blaster overnight and I am currently thinking up a devise that I can set up to "press" the shaft through. 


Creative ideas are welcome. 


Bill Maffei

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It's all Good 

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