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I downloaded just under 4000 messages and then exported these and this created an sqllite file that was around 8MB, but I suspect that this is probably padded out and probably is a meaningless size. I was able to open this file using an SQLLite browser and therefore run queries on the messages.


The application itself is fairly clunky but does seem to work in terms of searching by single or multiple words in subject or body. Also messages can be ordered by various fields also.


More worrying are some of the comments from the developer who I asked about the file and photo download issues – here is his responses:


Yahoo continually make changes to their system. Unfortunately they make these changes piecemeal over geographic locations.

 What is changed for the USA may not be changed for Europe. As we are in Europe we may not see changes that just happen in the US.

Also from a forum that he uses to support his application he quoted this:

"Access to Group Files was finally restored, very briefly, for 1.5-2 hours at most, late this afternoon.


And then, as one ought to expect from Yahoo, they RESTORED THE PROBLEM.

Viola!  Files once again became inaccessible, just as before.  No files, no folders, no toolbar, it's all just vanished.


And other less busy Groups have fallen completely silent and are not even generating Digest emails.  So this does not appear to be some idiosyncratic little glitch affecting only Files and affecting only some few Groups.  "


So in short this tool was designed to allow you to maintain an offline copy of the forum occasionally updating it with new messages and files that you can also keep offline. However it is unsupported by yahoo and I suspect may allow us to export all the messages, photos and files from yahoo but probably will not be reliable enough to maintain a regularly updated offline copy, but it also sounds like no tool would be able to cope with the regular un specified changes that yahoo keep making to the sites.





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Wow that’s great.

How much disk space did your messages take? Can it be sorted and searched?

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I would agree with a lot of that but receiving a simple text message can also be easier if you are in a low bandwidth situation.


I download and tried the yahoo forum offline tool - - The trial version fairly quickly downloaded 4000 or so messages - I will try and leave it running and download the rest in the next day or so - the file and photos download didn't seem to work though. If that can be made to work then it would seem an ideal offline tool to have a local copy of the forum messages and would be very useful when away from Internet access. I note also that the creator offers a bulk discount - I wonder if they would give forum members a discounted price.


Also it looks like it exports all the messages and attachments in SQLLite format so it should be technically possible to transform this into a format that could be migrated to another forum.



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If I were king of the Amel Forum, I would move away from Yahoo altogether and subscribe to a more contemporary platform--then migrate all the Amel forum archives over to the new platform.  I would look for one that allowed, for example, the ability to post a photo or video--or link to a photo or video --within a message. ("Here's a photo of the bow thruster breaker, Kent, located in the forward port cabin locker..." "Here's a photo of my corroded anchor chain. Do I need a new chain? Or is there a way to clean this up?..." "Here's a link to a YouTube that shows how to dismantle and serviceq the motor for the Furler

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I note it says  "download the fully featured trial version", which implies that someone would need to pay for the full version.
I personally think that the glory days of free internet are coming to an end, and seriously, why not, if it was me I wouldn't be providing all this stuff for nothing.
So, we need to find a way to archive all the stuff that is on this group to...a dropbox....or ???
I'm happy to put in the hard yards to do it, if others are...but we need a secure place to put it all
What does everyone else think ???
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