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Thanks, John.  That's what I've decided to do with my 220AC system.

Now chasing down a connection between 24v DC (+) main cable (that goes from the main battery switch to the lug on the foreword bulkhead in the engine room...disconnected from all other cables at the lug) and the bonding system.  When checking resistance, it is a solid (no resistance) connection that carries enough amps to light a test bulb when the main battery switch is on and all 24v breakers are off (including the ones in the engine room, passageway, and foreword port locker).  When the switch is off it has no voltage, but still shows a no resistance connection.  If I disconnect battery + cable in the battery compartment, the connection disappears.  The negative side shows no connection or voltage with the switch either on or off.

The only 24v equipment that is connected to the battery side of the main switch is the Charles 60 Amp charger, and the "Permanent " 24->12V Sailor transformer under the Nav station.

Does any of this suggest to anyone where the connection is?

I'm in the Jacksonville FL area, does anyone know of a good...make that Great...marine electrician nearby?

Thanks again everyone for your patience and help.
Fernandina Beach FL

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Is this a case of PREVIOUSLY the risk was so small, and the disandvatages significant, that the AC generator ground - neutral connection was not made, whereas nowadays, with readily available galvanic isolators and a more litiginous society the small risk overcomes the disadvantages and it should be connected. So it would be sensible to modify older designs that may have been correct at the time where circumstances have moved on. Amels have always evolved so modifying an older Amel to mirror a newer Amel's systems seems totally in order and not messing with Cpt Henry's concepts.



Maramu #91 1981

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