Re: Front opening refridgerator




My fridge space would be different but my solution for a front opening fridge was to fit extra insulation (foil faced close cell foam) to the sides and back of a production 12/240V fridge with a Danfoss compressor. In my case a Waeco but Vitrifrigo etc pretty much the same. I chose the fridge to have the correct size to allow for the extra insulation.


Also the efficiency is much better with more air movement behind the back by adding a small fan like used on computers, blowing up over the unit to add to the existing fan at the condenser.


The ventilation of sucking air under the fridge and expelling out the vent by the wheel is probably the same on the Super Maramu(?) and can be further improved beyond passive flow by a computer style fan.


I'm in the tropics and it works well. Adding a small fan helping air flow over the back of the fridge has also successfully seperately been used by a local refrigeration specialist to a different boat I have with a Danfoss driven fridge , in that case with no extra insulation on the fridge. The small fan is very easily wired in with the fridges own fan and uses next to no power.




Maramu #91 1981 Popeye

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