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Hi Bill,
Your statements are true if you use sea water. If you instead use the the fresh water tank, you will not have those problems.
We have used the fresh water to cool our compressors to the two fridge/freeze areas under the sofa since 2008. This year we hade the first pump issue.
We can have as little as 150 l in the tank without getting problems with the cooling.
The system is a closed system from Frigoboat, without any coolant so there is no risk to have the fresh water contaminated. The water is circulated with a circulation pump. The rise of temp in the water tank can barely be measured. It is less than 0.5 C.
We halfed the electricity consumption on the fridge/freeze after the installation. 

We have sailed in both warm (tropical) and cold (north europe) and the most benefits are in tropical area where the airtemp can be up to 40 C and the water temp stays at 30 C.
So installing a fresh water cooled system is only benefits. As we see it. 

Today we have an estimated consumption over 24 h on the three units (2 fridge 1 freezer) around 116 Ah. We have decreased our total fridge/freeze power consumption with more than 60%.

Annsofie on S/Y Lady Annila, SM232, 1998.

P.s. We have not attached the kitchen fridge to the water cooling system. We choosed a new Isotherm Compact 2201 ASU compressor with a new evaporator combined with cool holding plate , moved the compressor to the area under the kitchen zink next to the dishwasher. The move increased air circulation and the heat from the compressor does not go directly to the bottom of the fridge which decrease compressor running time D.S.

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If your fridge is like ours, follow this: 

Are you sure that you want a more "efficient" fridge????
  1. A water cooled fridge will get clogged with marine life and fail
  2. A water cooled fridge cannot be operated when out f the water.
  3. One more pump to overhaul.
How much will that efficiency really cost you????


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Hello! Please send photos, As I'm also changing cooling unit in the Fridge/freezer as well and thinking of building a freezer where the dish washer use to be, all ideas welcome when in the thought process to find good final solutions

Paul on sykerpa at gmail dot com 

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