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I also have considerable coding experience mainly MS SQL and / csharp and am willing to donate time and server resource. However I think whatever solution is found should ideally not be dependent on any individual as any one of us may not be available at some time in the future to carry it forward – common sense IT strategy. So the search really is on for a suitable candidate platform that has the appropriate functionality and likely longevity. I am convinced though at the moment that it is possible to extract all of the existing data from the Amel forum in a format that could be transformed and migrated to a new platform possibly being edited first  – this may not be the case in the future.






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Some of the most valuable information is in the photos and files. Messages are just messages and unfortunately there is a certain amount of messages filled with incorrect information...the bow thruster breaker discussion is a recent example (THERE IS NO BREAKER AND FOR GOOD REASON). 


I would not suggest going forward without including the files and the photos. The files section is in reasonable order. About half of the photos section is in some sort of order, with the other half being poorly labeled and not grouped in logical folders.

If this project were to go forward, I would volunteer time after we arrive in the Caribbean next year. This has been discussed at least twice before and we never got a consensus. I think in a group like this, you'll never get a consensus.



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I do have web space available and can carve out a standard level PHP forum which would have the features we have been missing.
What I don't know is if the commonly available platforms will import from Yahoo. 
If it's something that the majority wants I'd be willing to invest time to get it started then seek a couple of folks to help moderate and administer it.
Have to wait till after Christmas tho :)

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