Jib furler dis-assembly and re-assembly


Good afternoon folks,

On my Sharki I have an original Amel furler (Bonfigliolli worm gear oil filled and motor).  the seals are shot and leaking.  I had a rigger come by and take down the furler; now it's horizontal. 
I have exploded view diagram of the assembly, but no instructions on how to remove it from the jib stay, and foil.

I am wondering if anyone has those or could describe to me the process of dis-assembly and reassembly.  I also read here about greasing the foil [I'm presuming the inside].  

One of the changes I would to do is use grease instead of 90 weight gear oil on the worm gear.  The leak has made a terrible mess on deck and furthermore it is a pain to keep it filled.  I think once the seals are replaced I shan't have that problem anymore.

I'm also concurrently servicing the the boom and main mast electric furlers.  I sent the electric motors to be re-wound and renewed. I'll be replacing the Bonfigliolli worm gears [according to them they more or less throw away parts once worn out].  Cost for Bonfigliollis are about $250 each (MV / VF models).

So any thoughts directions, pictures and the like would be greatly appreciated.

S/V FIasco
Sharki #163

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