Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Changes to Yahoo


In my brief and humble experience on this site; I would gladly welcome an improved format.  Should be searchable by boat type (eg. Sharki, Santorin, Maramu, etc) or by system (e.g. electric furlers, water, electric, etc.) with sub-catagories.  A nice history page(s) would also be very cool as well as articles published.

We could also add a travel blog section for those who wish to regail us of stories beyond our local horizons...

Perspective buyers could access the history and read about the boats and gain some insight of suitability [if the boat is for them].  Yes, there is tons of info, but sometimes difficult to find, unless your are currently doing what everyone else is. 

Re-organizing would also allow us to fill in the gaps where there is scant information.  Joel, Olivier,  BeBe, Kimberlite, et al who are the most prolific contributors to maintenance would benefit from repeating themselves.

I would benefit by finding stuff and being able to contribute my Sharki's info  and experience to the site.



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