Re: Changes to Yahoo


If this would cost money it should be sustainable so that it doesn't fizzle out if key people retire or move on or get fed up with the hassle......Being a non-techie... what about some sort of cloud-funding.... One finds information here for free that saves a small fortune and one makes a contribution. The value of one's boat is increased by having such helpful brand support - one makes a contribution etc. Those that are able and willing make a regular contribution etc.


Maybe some transparent support (minus any editorial control) from commercial interest such as key suppliers or brokers or (dreaming) Amel themselves, should be an option. A moderator could every year put on the site a summary of the operating policy and incomings and costs with some transparent compensation for their time and effort. Ideally with many contributors only a very small sum from each person would be needed.


Obviously some complications here, and ideally it',s all done voluntarily, but if this information migrates to an independant forum what happens down the line?


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