Bow thruster motor repair?

Rick Grimes

This is a Hail Mary but I'm looking to get my bow thruster motor rebuilt somewhere in San Juan, PR. My boat is in the water at Sun Bay Marina in Fajardo.  There are three or four electric motor companies that come up in a search but I have no clue who might do the work.  Does anyone have any experience with anyone in Puerto Rico who might point me in the right direction--or any advice about what to look for? 

Also, can anyone walk me through the steps to remove the bow thruster motor while keeping the bow thruster in place (while boat is in the water) if this is doable?

Steve and Liz Davis of Aloha are here and have been helping me troubleshoot and I have been corresponding with Beaute Olivier offline (who has been great).  We have concluded that the problem is in the motor itself.  I was getting a blue arc when engaging the joystick--and no motor.  After eliminating potential issues related to the magnetic switches (e.g., bypassing the SP switch with a shunt), we measured the amps and volts when engaged for two seconds. It was drawing 511 amps when engaged and dropping from 26v to 21v with heat and smoke coming from the motor itself.  Conclusion: something wrong with the motor--possibly bushings or worse.  

I saw the posts from Dr Lamb? but his work (stripping down the motor and innovating a fix) is way above my skill set so I am left with taking the motor somewhere to have it repaired...

Thoughts anyone?

Rick Grimes

S/V Rascal

SM2K (#404)

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