Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Changes to Yahoo


Gary, Andrew, and all:

When organizing this new site you might want to keep in mind a couple of things.
  1. If we allow users to post files and photos anywhere, it will turn into a mess that will not be useful.
  2. I believe that photos should only be posted to show a feature, solution, or problem...not a "gee whiz, look at my pretty boat."
  3. Files and some Photos may be a challenge for the casual developer because of the ability to upload an executable file to destroy our data. Security measures are important. Possible some volunteer moderators could help with this...I am not sure.
  4. I recommend a Folder Structure for "Files & Photos" (yes, combined) which would be something like:
    1. Main Engine
    2. C Drive/Shaft/Transmission
    3. Generator
    4. Pumps
    5. Heads
    6. Rigging & Sails
    7. Deck (anchor/davits/winches/passerelle)
    8. Hull
    9. Instruments (autopilot/radar/chart plotter/all navigation)
    10. Interior (upholstery/finish/storage)
    11. AC/Heat
    12. Appliances (washer/dryer/dishwasher)
    13. Refrigeration
    14. DC systems
    15. 220AC systems
  5. Then, if we want to have another folder for (MY BOAT), users could upload anything else as long as it would not fit into one of the above. If we do this, any user wanting to see everything uploaded as a file or photo under a particular subject folder.
  6. I strongly recommend that we establish some rules for naming files and photos when they are uploaded. We currently have hundreds of uploaded photos with either no name, a name that makes no sense, or the owner's boat name. If today I am searching for "C Drive," I will miss all those not properly named.
I would be happy to help sort out and organize the current Files and Photos.

I am sure that I missed an important category in 1-15 above.

BeBe 387

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