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I have a lot of concerns about anyone trying to develop a new site from scratch – a site which is essentially a content management system so should have a database backend, password protected, different user roles, be available globally, etc It doesn’t make any financial or continuity sense to me. And there are no guarantees that if whoever develops this leaves that anyone else will be able to get access to the source code let alone understand it to maintain it.

In addition I personal would not feel happy about submitting personal details into a home grown site without having a high level of assurance about the system architecture, security in place, operating system patching, etc.


In terms of moving from Yahoo – I would suggest we trial a few different paid but low cost platforms and let any interested users try these for several weeks  – We should choose ones that use federated authentication so we can logon using our existing facebook or other accounts rather than creating new accounts. Then after a trial period use survey monkey to poll current members with options to stay with yahoo or move to one of the other trial sites.


I think Bill’s (svbebe) comments are helpful – I think as far as files and photos are concerned users will not adhere to naming conventions but we could enforce the choice of key words that relate to the file(s) together with a title and then store these as searchable meta data with the files probably being stored in a database rather than in a file structure so  in fact the filename and file location becomes of little importance.






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Being my usual wishy-washy self, I see reasons both to change and not to change. Yahoo is certainly restructuring; I'm not sure that they would suddenly drop all the forums (fora for Latin speakers). It doesn't cost them much to just keep them going, and there is advertising (although not well directed; other sites can see I'm a sailor, and target ads from chandleries to me on their webpages).


Yahoo is a little primitive, and I'm sure that a newly designed site would be much more functional. My biggest fear is that some people would migrate to the new site, and some would remain on Yahoo, thus splitting much sage advice. 


A way around this would be to inactivate the Yahoo site on our own; however, a decision to do so would have to involve near unanimity on the part of the users. Is there some way to do a poll? I don't even know how many people really use the site; certainly there is a small corps of very active users, another group such as myself who read regularly and comment only occasionally, and I suspect a larger group who read only but still find the site very valuable.


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