Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] main out haul furling gearbox shaft


Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up using an old socket to tap (smash) the shaft out with success. After I replaced the transmission I was having the same problem as before so I know it is another issue. The motor runs while on its own however, it appears that under load it does not want to turn the transmission. All I get is a clicking sound that I can tell power is getting there but no turn of the motor. I am assuming this is a motor problem. Perhaps the carbon brushes need replacing. Cannot think of anything else to do but replace the motor with a new fancy Leroy Somers 24v brushless motor like I did this summer on my in haul. I ran out of daylight today so I was unable to check the integrity of the brushes which I will tomorrow. I am open for suggestions. Can anyone tell me a source to get the correct brushes or is this something that I would need to order from Maud? What are the sizes of the carbon brushes? Thanks everyone!

Bill Maffei 
SM #195
It's all Good

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