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I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a factoid please, having
tried Olivier without response unfortunately. I own Mango 28,
in 1982. It has the Perkins 4.236 motor with Hurth HBW400-2R
For the purpose of ordering a MaxiProp, can you please let me know
what would be the reduction at the propellor?

Regards, Roger, Mango 28, Zorba

I posted the mechanical drawing of the prop shaft in the pistures
section. It appears to be the original drawing from Juin 1977. I have
a few notes from our installation in 1992. The shaft is 35 mm, Zinks
are 70mm, Prop is 22". For pitch adjustment: Blade Setting angle 20
degrees-15.0. Right rotation 20 degrees, X (-) is K, Y (.) is E
Let me know if this is sufficient.
Mango 44

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