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James Studdart

Hi all,
 I think enough people have pledged to contribute a yearly fee that a simple paypal/donate button of some sort would probably work fine. Those of us using the forum actively would happily pledge some cash. As is evident from the emails above. Those just seeing what the score is (as I was to start with) can join without any time limit or expectation. Trevor's point is incredibly pertinent. Should funds for the webmaster get low, a simple email requesting some donations would likely generate enough to cover it. If it's not being run as a profit the monthly costs are minimal. If that doesn't in fact work out, it's fairly easy to change as necessitates. The single most important thing is that the forum, should the transition be considered or forced by Yahoo, makes it through unscathed and without splinters.

Just my 2c and I don't assume I've been a member of this forum long enough to even have 2c!


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I am not enough of a techie to understand much about our options if we decide to change.  While I agree that the search engine leaves a lot to be desired, with perseverance I can usually find what I'm looking for.
I'm okay with where we are unless changes at Yahoo threaten our database.  If someone with the knowledge and time can put it all in a more user friendly format, that can be kept up by others (if the primary should leave the forum for any reason), I'd by happy to contribute or even pay a yearly fee to keep it up and running.  That fee wouldn't have to be mandatory, a call for donations when necessary would be met with enthusiastic support, I'm sure.


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Change seems inevitable.  Technology changes, so must we if we wish to keep up.  There’s lots of discussion regarding thesechanges /proposals.  I’d like to try andsee if we might get consensus on just exactly what is being proposed.1)     There is a proposal to change the forum.  a.      Do we change the location to something likeGoogle Groups? Or some fee paid service? Or keep our current location?2)     Format changesa.      There is conversation about re-organizing thedatabase.  There seems to be a 50/50split on this.  b.     Reorganize the database to make searches easierc.      Categorize based boat systems                                                              i.     Sub categories on boat model  (Super Maramu’s  are the lions share; however all would benefitif all models were represented )d.     Standardized format for submissions                                                               i.     Based on DATE, Repair, Component /subsystem.  1.      Pictures may be an issue.                                                            ii.     Should we have a standard form to fill out forprocess of repairs?1.      Steps delineated by Step 1, Step 2, etc?2.      Narrative format?3)  Should we examine possible group for format/organization?

The above is just a suggestion for a format.   Looking forward to hearing the responses.

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