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Patrick McAneny

Danny, I am not addressing this to Jamie, because I feel sorry for all the questions that he has had to respond to over the last month or so . I also know you can probably answer this. Could a blown head gasket and / or a warped head cause an engine from firing ? I have not heard this suggested and was wondering . Jamie very sorry for your problems .
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I would love to hear the engine has roared into life before we abandon the thread. Like your occams razor Eric

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We have repeated this over and over again. A borescope would be good. However if the head is removed you can also see the valves and seats.
Seems like everyone agrees the head should come off. If I was there I am sure it would be at most a 3-4 hour job depending on how much other stuff has to come off (heat exchanger (possibly ) etc.
There is nothing to lose. As stated a few hand tools is all that is necessary. If the engine is totally shot—(Which I seriously doubt) just put it back together without gaskets and then change it.
The mechanics seem to be in a he said she said mode—how about some facts?? Do you know of
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I would absolutely agree....pulling the head is not a big job...and it lets you see the guts of the engine...maybe it is buggered...but it may not be...all you need is a good socket set and some spanners and screw drivers, and hours work...
A LOT less than a new engine !!
Almost any diesel engine can be repaired...they are the most robust means of propulsion known to man.
Give it a go !!
Elyse SM437

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