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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl


Herewith below was Riza's price to us which he had discounted below his normal price as we purchased the Davits and a lot of other items at the same time, and in the same shipment.

Freight was around $800 euro extra, I think, then Import duty and GST added to that when it arrived at customs here in Australia. Probably a fair bit more expensive than having a local rigger make it up here but as I said before, good peace of mind and everything fitted like a glove making it easy for any rigger to install as Riza's measurements were precise and every bit to replace the lot was included and easy to work out what went where. Just the main mast front stay to go now and the triatic (which included HF isolators too by the way) which will be done this week.

1-      Complete set of Rigging of Supermaramu incl.Isolator -------- 7800 EUR.

 German wires , certificated. All turnbackles on deck and on mast .

Colin Streeter

Island Pearl II, Amel 53 #332

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Hi Colin,

Can you tell us what the cost was for the rigging ???

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