Head furling maintanence

Paul Osterberg


I have dismantle the casing over the headsail furler motor, everything looked to my amatör eyes rather ok

some carbon dust that I vacuumed away.

Now to my questions:

The carbons protruded about 8 mm above its slot, assume that should be rather ok, no need to change?

The casing was sealed with only a rubber gasket, it looks as it has been some glue on one of the sides, as it is one of the most exposed positions on the boat I would like to know that I do what I can not to have any water to ingress into the casing, Shall I use the same gasket? add some special glue or ......

When dismantled, is there any other thing I can do to service the furling engine/Gear?

The case it rather corroded and most of the paint is gone, I though of put on some epoxi pant any advice?



S/K Kerpa SM#259 winter stay in Finike Turkey

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