New main out haul car


Hi everyone -

As many of you know I was having a problem with my out haul and I thought it was the transmission jamming cause the motor was getting plenty of power and working sporadically. Well, I replaced the transmission after a rather long battle with the shaft. That still was not the problem but needed to be done so not a waste of time. The problem ended up being the car jamming on the end-stop. Simple enough and lesson learned, never haul the main in tight against the end-stop. Bad for transmission and car. I am in the process of ordering new end-stops for the track. My original Antal track measures 31mm x 31mm and Antal no longer makes a track with a height of 31mm, only a track that is 31mm x 21mm. 

I found this new car in the process of searching:

Looks like a pretty sweet upgrade to the existing car. My question is... Will this new car work on the existing track. The cross sections look identical. The only questions being the existing track height. 

Any thoughts?

Bill Maffei

SM #195

It's all Good 


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