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Wolfgang Weber <webercardio@...>

October 2015 : My light goes down to zero after 20 sec. testing with the switch to minus, 30 minutes later light is on again ... measured 0,05 mAmp.
I measured 0,22 Volt between Minus and bonding system.
Then I first started to remove every thing I pluged or connected to the boat in the last weeks.
I normally check the Electric mass defect detector before and after work on electric Equipment , but I could not remember if I did this the last time.
So my new rule : always write down the tests and checks into a logbook !
I once had a connection, when I made a connection via DVI cable from furuno Plotter to HDMI TV.
So I disconnected all the pumps each by another - problem not solved. I had to stop the work, because I had to take my flight home.
What I will do : checking the Bose system - Good idea .
- disconnect the negative group in the engineroom, so with disconnecting groups
may locate in groups and the test each item.

Wolfgang Weber SY ELISE Amel 54 # 162

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