Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Rigging tune on Maramu caused damage

Patrick McAneny

James, I am not familiar with the Maramu , but from the photos it looks as though the mizzen mast has depressed the fiberglass , which is probably not structural , not supposed to carry a load . It looks like a metal compression post under the mast which should prevent the mast from moving vertically downward. I would inspect the base upon where the compression post rests. See if you can detect damage to the base or the end of the compression post. Also try to determine if the post is in column ( not bowed) . My guess would be that someone over tightened the rig at  some point , something had to give and I suppose it probably was the compression post , my guess is its out of column .
Good Luck,
Pat SM #123

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We had the rigging replaced in Townsville, Australia a couple of months ago before sailing to PNG.  The rigging was rigged tight (or I thought it was anyway)  The mizzen backstays where perhaps a bit looser, these and the triatic where replaced a year earlier due to an issue with the insulators  The rigger advised, as usual, that the rigging needed to be tightened after sailing for a bit.
2 things have happened since I have tightened the rigging (only 1 ½ turns and always doing one shroud then the opposite before moving to the next)
1 – The deadbolt on our forward bulkhead door was always a bit hard to close but now it is completely out of line (striking too high)
2 – The rope storage behind the mizzen has cracked where it is fixed to the bulkhead at the rear of the cockpit.  Also the starboard seat rear in the cockpit has lifted.  Both non structural items, but indicators that something is happening that is not good.  Lastly the front of the seat where the mizzen mast is stepped appears to have deformed a bit.  It was like this before I tightened the rig, but I think it may have gotten worse.   I will post photos.
The masts also appear to have a very slight rake backwards above the spreaders.  I am not sure if this was like this before.
All of this has got me very worried.  I am in a place with not expertise in yachts, let alone Amel’s
Please can I get some advice. 

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