Re: Rigging tune on Maramu caused damage


Hi Patrick and Sailor,

Thanks for your responses.

The maramu is a bit different from the SM from what I can work out.  There is a small "compression" post under the seat that Then in the engine bay there are 2 posts that are angled to port and starboard onto ribs in the hull.  I will check all these again today but they look in good condition. 

Interestingly though the post under the seat is angled back a lot fore and aft, so I don't think this could possibly be taking all the load.  It has always been like this as long as we have had the boat and I don't see how it could possibly have been installed in column with the mast as the seat construction would make this impossible.  I would love to hear from other maramu owners on their setup.

Given this I think that the fibreglass seat must be acting as some sort of "beam" that is transferring the load down to the posts in the engine bay.  What I cant work out is how this seat section is fixed in place.  I will be spending a bit more time trying to work this out today.

As far as the mast rake I have read the posts on spreader cracking and it appears that there should be a small amount of rake, at least on the SM.  Would love to know if this is the same as the maramu.

 I will loosening the forestay today and will see what this results in.

Lastly I did not say that this damage occurred at anchor.  We have not sailed the boat in the time between when I tuned the rig and noticed the damage.

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