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milesbidwell <mbidwell@...>

I have found that two liters of pickling strength vinegar and fresh
water pumped through the toilet into the holding tank once a month
makes the jocker valves last much long and largly stops any
backflow. When ever I see any sign of backflow, I change the jocker
valve. This usually fixes the problem for at least two or three

--- In, "Udo J. Reich" <udo@...>

We have the same problem with our forward tank. I see two
solutions. One is
a one way valve as Gary has suggested. The other one would be to
refit the
tank so that the inflow from the bowl goes into the tank towards
the top of
the tank. Let me know if you come up with any solutions

Udo J. Reich


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Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2006 8:52 AM
Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Head pump

Mike Ondra wrote:
" We are persistently getting backflow of waste water through the
back into the toilet bowl, enough sometimes to fill the bowl.
Besides being
unpleasant at anchor, this can be a mess under sail."

Ian Shepherd wrote:
" I have always had the same problem with the forward head only. I
changed the joker valve several times, but it makes little

Hi Mike and Ian:

I have had the same problem with the forward head only. I
thought it was water siphoning from the fill pump side but I shut
the sea water supply valve while under sail and the toilet bowl
with foul water anyway. It was only to a certain level and never
overflow the bowl so I think it was just the back flow through the
joker valve of the outflow pipe to the holding tank. Ian, like you
changing the joker valve several times and that DID NOT remedy the
situation. Also it does this with the holding tank empty or full
so I
don't think it is related to the mode of entry of the outflow pipe
into the holding tank.

I suspect that the joker vavle does not have enough strength to
withstand the pressure head of water that is in the forward head
outflow pipe. As you know this pipe is taller than the aft head
and thus would have a higher head of pressure. Perhaps installing a
more robust one way valve in the outflow pipe could be a solution.
I plan to research this a bit more. Nice to know that I am not the
only one out here with this problem. Joel, do you have any thoughts
on this issue?

Kindest regards, Gary Silver S/V Liahona

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