Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: current cost of ACMO rigging for Super Maramu

Paul Osterberg

Eric and Collin
I will soon leave the boat for a few weeks, and currently the rain is poring down and my forward locker i full of stuff that needed to be taken out for the photos, so I will do that Mid January when back on the boat again.
But general the deck fitting and installation is very much as the pictures in the photo sections but my deck plate is larger 20X15 cm and thickness is 4 mm, the same dimensions for the backing plate.
Then a turnbuckle and the same concept at the floor of the locker with a hatch to get access, as in the pictures.
The mast fitting is 150 cm below the fore stay, actually Olivier had seen the deck installation and he confirmed it was good and also confirm OK with the 150 cm distans at the top of the mast
The mast fitting is by Selden.
My aim was the have a small jib for upwind in strong wind, and to be able to have the sheet inside the shrouds, therefore the size is limited to ca 22 sqm, I would liked it a little bit larger. However the clew (Spelling?) Should be rather high to be able sheet rather hard and avoid the top falling out to get better angle to the wind.
As sheeting point I have experimented with a Dynema cord between the forward chain plate for the lower shrouds and the mast base where the rope kick is fastened. on the Dynema cord I have an Antal ring which the sheet is lead through. by adjusting the tension on the Dynema cord I can adjust the sheeting point athwart ship and how high above deck it should be. Reason for the Antal ring is to have the sheeting point low as a block would get to high, hence keep the clew higher than I did.
We have not been able to test in strong wind, but confident the sheeting point will work and also be detachable to avoid stumbling on it when not in use. It will be a very simple and easy system to deploy in just a minute.

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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