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Bill, I think his problem if the TV, not the radio.
I'm of no help on this one.

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Hello from the Canaries! 

I am positive the radio you have is a 12VDC radio and connected to one of the "permanent" 24 to 12 transformers under the Nav Station table. If your radio has DVD and USB, it probably is not original and a replacement has already been done. Before you count the radio out, measure the voltage on the wiring harness on the back of the should be at about 13VDC...if you do not have voltage, one of the Permanent transformers is not working, has a blown fuse, or is turned OFF.

If it is original, it is also a single-DIN size. DIN refers to standard sizes of the mount that the radio slides into. So you can reuse the mount and slip any single-DIN size car radio into the slot. You will have to probably change the wiring harness, but is not difficult to figure out the which are the speaker wires, the power wires, etc.

There are two ways to approach this:
  1. Go to an automotive store or stereo store that sells car radios. Tell them what model radio you have and that you want a new single-DIN size it and install it.
  2. Find one of these stores that will install it on your boat.

BeBe 387

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Hallo everybody crossing or docking! My on board tv, 24 volt with DVD usb... has gone, no way to repair. I need to replace but no idea what is boarding now Amel; any advice?

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