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We live on board. So, TV is important for us.

We installed 2 TVs with DVD readers. That’s the easy part. For an easy installation, you just need to look for TVs you can connect on the 12V circuit of the boat.

The difficult part was to find a good solution to catch TV everywhere (there are some places where it is really very hard).

The first antenna is an omnidirectionnal antenna from Glomex, installed on top of the mizzen mast. It is connected to a splitter to distribute the signal to the 2 TVs. Good results, particularly when the boat is moving, at anchor for example. This is the minimal installation you can see everywhere.

For difficult places, we also installed a directional antenna on the arch supporting the solar panels. But the boat may not move è excellent results in marinas but you catch only local TV chains.

And, last but not least, we also have a parabolic satellite antenna to put on a fixed part on earth for wintering in marinas. This request also a satellite decoder, working on 220V, available in the marinas or via an inverter. Excellent results in marinas, with hundreds of TV chains from all over the world, depending on the contract you choose to work with the decoder.


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We just have a 20" LED TV screen with inbuilt DVD player, in the place of the old TV...we don't watch TV



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