Steaming light & mast climbing

Joe Nance

Hello Amel Group,

Recently after a fairly rough crossing of the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas I lost my steaming light. I am now contemplating climbing the mast for my first time.  I have a regular bosun chair as well as a ATN Topclimber on board.  I am currently alone on board but in a marina and can get some help.

One of my questions is; Which of the halyards is best used for going up the mast?  I have two that I know of available.  If I have my halyards correct,,, one is the ballooner halyard I believe and the other is a spare halyard.  Again, if I have my halyards correct,,, the ballooner halyard disappears into the top of the mast on a pulley.  The spare halyard goes around a pulley that appears to be mounted & hanging on a stand off bracket.  I just had that line replaced in June and it would be my first choice however I'm not convinced of the strength of the bracket/pulley at the top.  The ballooner halyard seems a bet stretchy as well and is not new.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Now, in an effort to go up the mast as few times as possible I'd like to verify the bulb used for the steaming light on a 2001 Super Maramu.  I see from an earlier post from Bill this information:

If you are asking about a Super Maramu...
Navigation and Anchor Bulbs: 
Special vertical tungsten filament with BAY 15d bayonet socket:
Masthead (Steaming Light) - 25 watt
Port, Starboard - 25 watt
Stern 10 watt
Anchor - 10 watt

Which tells me that I should take a 25 watt bulb with me as well as various tools.

And now I'll go backwards to where I should start (in case it isn't the bulb),,, down on the deck and in the boat. Can someone help me with where to start the trouble shooting process before I go up the mast? I'm not going to say it doesn't scare me to go up the mast,, but on the other hand I would like to go ahead and do it now in the safe haven of a marina in case I ever have to do it away from shore.

Joel,, which halyard did Paul use for the survey?

Thanks so much,

Currently at Marsh Harbour Marina, Bahamas

Joe Nance
S/V CloudStreet
SM2000 hull #331

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