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I like parts of almost everyone's response, but Joel's is the most complete response. 

I always use an ascender on an external halyard that is also a safety/reserve line. I have a 16mm piece of line that I raise to the top of the mast and use an ATN ascender on that line for safety. ( Remember if something goes wrong with your primary hoist line, the ascender will automatically grip that safety halyard and save you...BUT, you will need the person on deck to lower you with that external sure that you are rigged for this. 

With the ascender on a safety halyard, I believe that you can use the extra outside spinnaker halyard as the primary hoist halyard as Eric Freedman (KIMBERLITE) described with a primary electric winch...BUT, only if that halyard is long enough to route it back to a primary electric winch. If you do this, the person operating that winch needs to be fully experienced on how that electric winch works and how to cut it off if something happens and it begins to run-away. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. The easiest shut-down would be the two main battery switches outside the battery compartment. The small breaker on the 24VDC battery panel will NOT shut down a run-away.

Additional Info that you need:
The only thing that I will add is that your steaming light probably has a single retaining Phillips head screw on the middle of the bottom of the clear lens retainer. The top of the lens retainer is hinged with open plastic hinges...something that you can miss and break when removing...and because the two hinges are open on top, you can accidentally drop it...when it hits the deck it will break. So loosen the will loosen, but probably not come completely out...swing the lens enclosure upward and remove sure that you have a small bucket or something to place it in while you change the bulb. The bulb is a 24VDC 25 watt bayonet twin pole bulb...very common for Nav lights and the same bulb as your original port/stbd Nav lights and your tricolor...the original anchor light and stern lights were same bulb, but 10 watt. 

If you have never replaced the clear lens on that steaming light, I am betting that it is very might want to go up with a replacement lens. BTW, I recently replaced my steaming light clear lens and used just the clear lens (NOT the entire lens and retainer) out of a spare stern light...same lens.

One last comment: If you haven't replaced your Flood light, now is the time to do it...same fixture...50W GE #4505 28VDC.

I hope this helps you and good luck.

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Thanks to everyone for all of the great advice, help & explanations.

I plan on taking it slow & cautious.

I do have an Ascender and will definitely use it as well as a safety.

Trevor, I think you're right about the slapping line.  We lost the steaming light at about the same time that my topping lift broke loose with no main sail out.  It went flying everywhere!

Sure is nice to be a part of such a great group!


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