BNG windinstrument mistake

Leopold Hauer

Hi experts,

we are having a problem with the B&G windspeed:

Last summer it stopped worrking suddenly and I checked the cables and contacts in the junction box on the board above the  front cabin door. Then it worked again for several weeks until we went home.

Coming back to the boat now  it worked fine again at first, even after connecting it to the NMEA multiplexer it showed all data correctly over the WIFI.

Then it suddenly stopped to display the correct windspeed. It shows the direction but not the speed, also when it is disconnected from the NMEA multiplexer. It shows 1,1 kts after turning it on and after 15 seconds  the speed drops to 0,8 then 0,3 then 0,1 and then 0,0 where it maintains.

The wheel on the mast is turning.

Does anyone know a procedure to analyse this fail function?

I thought that it might be the the connection on the mast unit.

Is it possible to measure this from the junction box in the cabin?

Which colour of the cables should I use for measuring and what should they show?

Has anyone ever resolved this problem and how?

Season's greetings from Monastir to all members of the forum, especially to Bill and Judy, Bob Rossi, Julia&Hajo and Herbert&Tadeja.

Leo and Margaret

Yin Yang SM 69

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