SM chain counter and anchor windlass

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hi Ian,
We have just got back to Malta and seen your posting.My chain counter
has always been hopeless at measuring outgoing chain possibly because
it runs out so fast. It is useful when up anchoring if we zero the
meter and know how much chain is out because it is accurate at the
relatively slow speed counting up.
The two holes that you mention are there to insert securing bolts to
hold the counter mounting nascelle on the side of the winch motor
casing.I had to remove this casing when the rubber boot on the up
switch needed changing.
The switches on the casing are an Amel feature for which holes were
drilled about 26mm in diameter to take switches of 22mm diameter on a
curved surface. The Turkish agent for Lofrans naturally had no spares
but he sent me two smaller push switches plus a gasket for the casing
for 50 euros. The chandlery changed the switches for 22mm ones but
these had a different fine thread to the Amel ones which also have a
locating flange on the securing nuts so I merely used the new boots on
the original switches and like Amel used a lot of silicone to seal
them in place.
When the casing is off it exposes the wiring feeding the motor(three
wires) plus three wires from the switches to the solenoids and the
wiring from the chain counter which is connected to the wiring harness
in the space in the motor housing.
We have never been very happy with the placement of the anchor up
switch as Anne likes to lean over the pulpit to watch the chain coming
up etc and the switch is very badly placed for watching someone being
hoisted up the mast on the windlass rope drum. So I bought a deck
mounting foot switch made by Quick, the other Italian winch maker for
15euros and mounted it forward on the deck, portside, just ahead of
the builtin conduit for the port nav light and connected it to the
wiring harness. The wires to the switches are two in a pale yellow
colour and one in a pale orange and the connections have to made in
the port foredeck locker because the wiring out of the windlass and
into the solenoids etc in the forward cabin is thoroughly waterproofed
with large quantities of silicone sealant.

Best wishes to you, Anne and John, SM319

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