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I cleaned my Yanmar (100hp Turbo) heat exchanger at about 2,000 hours because the temperature would rise at higher speeds. It was perfectly clean and did not need cleaning. Be sure that you have the Yanmar replacement gaskets and O rings for this job before you start. They take time to get because many dealers do not stock them...this may be because many owners do not clean the heat exchangers.

BTW, it turned out that the heating problem was some debris small enough to get through the salt water strainer in the Vetus sea chest, but larger than the small holes inside the transmission oil cooler. About every 2 or 3 years, loosen the hose clamp on the rubber boot on the sea chest side of the transmission oil cooler and using a wet/dry vacuum, suck out any debris that is lodged there.

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I would be interested in feedback from SM2K or Amel 54 owners (engines with Turbo, not atmospheric) regarding regular intervals for cleaning the heat exchanger and the exhaust manifold elbow.

My engine has 2500 hours and temperature remains constant at about 79 to 80 degrees C (never exceeding 81 degrees C at full throttle) but I was recently told by a Volvo mechanics that the heat exchanger should be open/clean every 600 hours !! Mine was never open, having assumed that, as soon as the heat exchanger would not do its job any more, I would see some increase in running temperature.

All comments most welcome
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