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Aldo Roldan

This is great. The project speaks of an enormous potential and ease to harness the accumulated knowledge that has been poured in by the members.  I am all for it.  I encourage the group to speak.

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OK, update.

I have the photo gallery set to accept uploads from members. 2500x2500 resolution max. I may have to shrink that a little if I figure on 10,000 photos someday :)
I haven't figured out how to make "albums" yet, but it'll likely reveal itself soon.
I have secured a smidge over 100 Gbytes to start with.
I'm going to just sit on it for a few days to let folks look it over.
As far as know, I can't just "migrate" the Yahoo board over. That might take a lot of cut and paste, or figuring out how to pull everything into an archive of dome sort. Not going to dig into that part unless folks generally want to eventually switch over.
Finally, I will be reorganizing the boards and categories for better permissions control. Not planning on losing anything, but there's always a chance.
For a fresh install, it seems to be very stable; a tribute to Simple Machines and open source software.

To reiterate, I have spent $0 on the project thus far and it won't cost anything extra (above my current hosting costs) unless we start ramping up bandwidth with a ton of videos or something.

If/when it starts tagging me out of pocket, I'll gladly post a members only viewable accounting of it and hoist up the "donate here" PayPal button.

I think the only other concern might be longevity/continuity.
My plan is to recruit a second Administration and two or three moderators. If I am absent, they can handle things.
If I choose to bail out, the domain, hosting and files can just get transferred to a new owner and ISP.

OK, that's today's news.

Best wishes for a very merry Christmas!

Gary W
SM 209 Adagio

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