Re: Changes to Yahoo

Gary Wells

Update for today: Merry Christmas!  I get to sit around sipping egg nog and puttering about before guests arrive. Then we're looking at a great dinner and some family time.

In the meantime I got to modify the "Members" Profile page and instead of things like "ICQ, AIM" and other hardly used info I added Boat Model, Year and Hull Number fields. None of it's required during registration (which is still open and it looks like about 20 folks have signed up) but you can add it by going to your Profile section.

I still have to chase a couple of 'permissions' gremlins as some categories aren't allowing replies (yet).  I think I will have to go through each board and make sure nothing is 'inheriting' problems downstream.  

Other than that I think I need some feedback on the categories.  The conundrum is that there is a section on "Super Maramu" discussion, and then another section in maintenance which rightly could include Super Maramu mechanics and electronics.  Just wondering if this seems redundant of if things would be better served with just leaving the boat model categories all inclusive and deleting the whole maintenance board.  The search function is going to be much more robust so I don't know if there is a huge benefit to many categories within the boards.  Having said that, I'm not going to change/delete/add any boards for a while to see if things remain stable as is.

It's only been a few days after all :)

Take care,

Gary W.
SM 209 "Adagio"

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