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Santorins are generally tough but, as with any boat, there can be problems. A certain amout does depend on age and number as updating does take place.

We have an old Santorin and our experience is as follows -

Do check the the genoa furling gear to make sure that the Manual/electric changeover leaver is not stuck in electric. Take a look at the base of the the foil and make sure that is solidly attached to the furling gear.

Have a look at the furling gear on the mast and make sure the drive unit is well secured and there is no splitting of the metal on the mast where the unit is secured - it is not unknown, will it disengage?

Check the anchor winch switches they can be a source of problems - see earlier correpondence.

Amels are rather prone to paint blistering on the mast and boom. It can be rubbed down and touched up using a Renault colour car paint but careful inspection will reveal this!

Find out if the headlinings are foam backed or felt backed. The older foam back really don't last more than 10 years in hot climates and replacing them are either expensive and, if you do it yourself, a long, messy job. Do check them carefully.

In the engine room have a really good look at the right angle drive box on the shaft. If there is any sign of oil leakage be suspicious. If it is a seal on the shaft it can be replaced (means lifting the engine aft a few inches) but if it is a gasket it is a problem as they are no longer made and AMEL want to replace the whole unit at high cost. A sympathetic engineer can make you a replacement gasket but you need somebody who understands AMELs.

Also have a good look at the belt driving the shaft charger alternator as if this is worn it means lifting the engine back a few inches to repace -(more expence!) Does it have a spare fitted ready to replace a broken belt?

Other AMEL "specialities" that need to be looked at carefully (or find a surveyor who knows about AMELS) is the bow thruster - see it work, look for wear in the lifting wire, look at the prop, some are really chewed up, when was the oil last changed etc.; Have a good look at the stearing gear for wear, chain tightness, quadrant in the after cabin; when its out of the water look for oil leakage around the prop and from the drain cock (port side just forward of the prop.), when were the seals last changed?

Those are some of the main points for the Santorin and from there on it's usual type checking the boat before you pay for a survey. However I'm sure that other owners will come back with comments!



rob purdie <> wrote:
I intent to change from a Rival 41 to an Amel Santorin
and have just joined the group. Can any member give me good advice
on general survey issues which might not be obvious to a newcomer to
the design?

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