genoa furler holding plate

Donato Valente


will appreciate receiving your opinions about a serious problem to our SM 2000 presently at Fort Lauderdale,

Will try posting a picture that will explain the problem better than my words.

The steel plate holding and fixing the genoa furling motor to the deck has been found aft bent.

I don't have sufficient information on how and when it happened. My co-owner is on the boat and trying to understand the problem and talking to the skipper who transferred the boat from Cayman to Fort Lauderdale.

The only information I have is that the professional skipper said that he found rough sea, and, by the way, he said that at arrival he found that two anchors were missing !

But that is another topic.

My first assumption was that the genoa  furler has been accidentally used with the jib sheet still on the winch; but apparently no visible damage was found on the sheet ring on the genoa.

I can't think to another reason.

I think also that the plate must be replaced, since have no confidence in straightening the old one.

Hope the problem is clear.

Thanks for your opinions.

Will try to post a photo, under album name Ocean Bird (I've never done before)

All the best 


SM 2000 - Ocean Bird n. 468

in Fort Lauderdale


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