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Stephen Davis

I do have larger cable on the DC side, but in my case, it needed to be replace due to old age. I ended up using 1/0 cable, and ran the positive side through a large class T fuse. My boat is older, not an SM2000, and was probably not wired the same as yours from the factory. 

JP has an excellent point about redundancy, and I carry a spare Mastervolt 80 amp charger. It is an expensive spare, but I hate being stranded in far away places. 

Aloha Sm72

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Thanks Steve.  By the way, did you need increase cable size with 100 amp charger or was original ok?

Ben Driver
La Bella Vita
SM #347

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Hi Ben,

I can't help you with the trouble shooting part, but we have the Mastervolt 24v/100-3 unit, and have found it to perform very well. Also, at least in the USA, customer service is excellent. 

We are in Fajardo, PR at the moment, but will be in the BVI some time in January. Hope we get to meet, and good luck trying to resurrect your old Dolphin chargers.

Steve Davis
Aloha SM72


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My high pressure Dessalator hose burst yesterday and filled engine compartment with saltwater (ironically, I planned on replacing hoses next week).  The original Dolphin 50 and 30 amp chargers shut down.  The 50 amp displays a temp fault and the 30 amp a fuse fault.  I suspect they are toast but not sure.  Does anyone know a routine I can follow to trouble the units?  I am not sure where all the fuses are for the units but do know about the ceramic fuse in the 30 amp.  It looks fine.

What replacement units would you recommend?  I thought maybe a 100 amp Master
Volt unit but not sure my existing wiring would support the current? 

Any advise would be appreciated. With both units down, I need to move quickly.   I'm in the Virgin Islands so should be able to source an acceptable unit locally. 

Ben Driver

La Bella Vita

SM #347

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